Introduction to an Open-Source Approach to Bi-Plane Videoradiography and Multi-Modal Kinematic Tracking.

Symposium Goal

We are developing an extensible, open-source, software program for image-based skeletal and implant motion tracking with NIH support that will compute six degree-of-freedom kinematics from videoradiography, 3DCT, or 4DCT image datasets.

The goal of this symposium is to share our progress on the development and testing and, importantly, get critical feedback from a wide range of potential users as progress towards the grant aims progresses. This symposium will provide a bridge between basic science, kinesiology, engineering, and clinical domains; it is an educational resource and encourages discussion and collaboration among ASB attendees.

SlicerAutoscoperM Logo

SlicerAutoscoperM Leadership Team

  • Trey Crisco, PhD Brown University
  • Jillian Beveridge, PhD Brown University
  • Beatriz Paniagua, PhD Kitware
  • Michael Rainbow, PhD Queen’s University
  • Kristin Zhao, PhD Mayo Clinic



Time Speaker(s) Title
4:00 PM Trey Crisco, Ph.D. An Overview of SlicerAutoscoperM Development Plan and the Academic/Kitware partnership
4:05 PM Trey Crisco, Ph.D. In Vivo Arthrokinematics of the Wrist and Thumb using BVR and Sequential 3D CT Imaging - And The Need for SlicerAutoscoperM
4:10 PM Jillian Beveridge, Ph.D. The Role of Academic Partners in SlicerAutoscoperM Development: Data Sets, Interface Refinement, and Plug-ins
4:20 PM Cesar Lopez Research experience acquiring and analyzing dynamic images using BVR and 4DCT in a clinical environment
4:30 PM   Q&A
4:35 PM Beatriz Paniagua, Ph.D. 3-D Slicer Image Computing Ecosystem: Integration of SlicerAutoscoperM
4:40 PM Anthony Lombardi and Beatriz Paniagua, Ph.D. SlicerAutoscoperM Demonstration
5:00 PM   Open Discussion
5:25 PM   Closing Remarks & Questionnaire


Notes on the demonstration:

  • The demonstration was recorded using SlicerAutoscoperM for Slicer 5.3.0-2023-08-09.
  • Some details, specifically related to the pre-processing module, are subject to change. Changes will be reflected in the documentation.

Learn how to effectively utilize Slicer and the AutoscoperM extension. The demonstration will cover the following steps:


We value your feedback on the SlicerAutoscoperM software. Your insights will aid us in enhancing the software’s features and user experience. Please take a moment to fill out our Questionnaire.

We also hope you will join our development, evaluation, and user community!

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